Thursday, 19 April 2012

loving lately

(amazing bowls made by my godmother-now used at least once a day. hand made. i'm not even sure how you would make a bowl this cool) 

(addictive and disturbing little book-to be honest i pretty much always like Oprah's selections*)

(the ice coming in twillingate. this is apparently sealing season**, which seems crazy dangerous to me)

(perfect juice mix: 1/3 carrot and 2/3 orange. carrot all by itself is a little too vegetable for me)

*excluding Anna Karenina, which i found really dull.
**where the fisherman see a seal chilling on the ice, jump on to the sheet of ice, club the seal, then drag it back to the boat. i am not an animal activist, but this seems dangerous for humans to do. 

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