Sunday, 16 September 2018

Our annual Cavendish trip (2018)

Last month we took two weeks off from work, and spent a week in Cavendish for the fifth time (last year). Jon's family has been doing this trip for many, many years. My sister-in-law's parents started the tradition over thirty years ago! This year, there were twenty family members staying at the cottages, plus another ten or so relatives who live on PEI who would come hang out during the day.

These cottages are super popular in August, and we have to book basically as we are leaving for the following year. This year we got our fav one, with lots of space for our family of four and my sister's family as well. Will did NOT sleep well for the entire trip. Jon and I would take turns hanging out with him for an hour at a time in the middle of the night. Cohen and Graycie slept really well, and got up nice and early, excited for another day.

We did a morning at the Sandspit amusement park. The kids loved going on the train with the whole family. Cohen and Graycie were even more into the rides this year, which was cool to see.

My sister handled the food as usual. Every night we would set the picnic tables outside and all sit down for an early supper. After the kids were all finally in bed, the adults would gather around the fire and have a few drinks. I was sooo thrilled that my fav artist, Joel Plaskett was staying at the cottage down from us. One night Jon and I walked over and introduced ourselves. We had our very first date to a Joel Plaskett show over ten years ago! He was super nice and friendly. 

We spent tons of time hanging out on the lawn in front of our cottage. So relaxing.

The four little kids got along so well! Each year, they play together a little better, and we are able to let them do their own thing a bit more. The older cousins were also really great with our little guys. 

This year we opted out of the big Cavendish beach, and instead found our own little quiet beach in Rustico a few minutes down the road. With four little kids, we are pretty into a short walk from the car to the actual beach. We made some sweet sandcastles and jumped in the waves for a while. A few more pics....


(A stranger offered to take this group shot. I love when that happens!)

(my heart)

(The first thing we have to do is unplug the landline. The kids are obsessed with it)

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