Monday, 6 November 2017

Will is 6 weeks old!

We are loving this stage. He is just starting to smile a bit, which is just the best thing in the world. That gummy big smile is heart-melting. Everyone says it because it's true: it's way easier with your second baby. Jon and I are way more laid back about things. I never feel stressed when we are out and Will gets fussy. And the sleeping (or lack of sleeping) is more manageable too, because I know that he will sleep better eventually. Speaking of sleep, he is actually sleeping pretty well. He did a four hour stretch last night. I feel sort of rested.

Will looks so much more like Jon than Cohen ever did. I love it! He is growing out of his newborn sleepers really fast, and on to the three month sleepers. He has some pretty wicked cradle cap and baby acne, and a nice head of hair. The main thing people always comment on when we are out and about is his dark head of hair. It's the cutest.

Love you so much baby Will.

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