Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Will is 2 months old!!!

Our sweet Will is 2 months old. The time absolutely goes super fast the second time around. He weighs 12 lbs 7 ounces, so he's gained almost 5 pounds since birth. He is a really laid back, happy baby. I think I felt this way with Cohen too, but Will is honestly really easy. 

He loves taking baths, driving in the car, eating, smiling at all three of us. He is less into taking a bottle and getting swaddled. He has been tending to sleep in the bassinet beside our bed from 10 PM to 2 AM, then eat, then back into the bassinet for another few hours. By around 5 he is usually in bed with us, sleeping for maybe another hour or two. His naps during the day are all over the place, and I am loving these early months before we put him on a schedule.

I started out working 3 hours a week when he was 2.5 weeks old, and I am up to 9 hours a week at 9 weeks old. I think I'll stay at 9 hours a week for the next few months for sure, before I get into a more normal work routine. Jon or my mom bring him to work so I can feed him right now, which is working pretty good.

I really do love him more every day. I can't wait to learn more about his personality as he gets older. He is so chatty right now! We love it so much.

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