Tuesday, 12 July 2016

On the weekend...

We had such a nice hot sunny weekend here in Clarenville. Our sitter's son was getting married in their little town, so we headed there on Saturday. Then Sunday, we spent hours outside, weeding our yard and kicking the soccer ball around. Such a good weekend. Not that we are less than three weeks from moving, I feel like the time is going super fast. I am also just a little stressed that our house is not selling. None of the houses in our area are selling, actually. Maybe I am just super optimistic or perhaps living in dreamland, but I really think it is going to sell. Like, soon. 

(Heading to the wedding.) 

(We had a few hours to kill between ceremony and reception, so we had a popsicle picnic at the local little grocery store.) 

(We found the playground) 

(Sunday beers and nachos after an afternoon outside.) 

 (This guy likes to bring his calculator everywhere.)

(Shopping for countertop for the island in our new house. We like the concrete color.)

I was so impressed with Cohen at the wedding, his first ever. He was quiet through the ceremony, and he was thrilled to see his sitter. He kept talking about how nice the bride looked in her fancy dress. When I see the connections that Cohen has made with our sitter, Paula, and her entire family, it makes my heart swell, really. Her whole family, including her kids, her husband, her sisters, and her parents, knows him and have been visiting him since he was a baby. Cohen definitely knew the bride and groom better than Jon and I. Makes me feel really proud. And emotional that we are saying goodbye to all these amazing people.

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