Wednesday, 6 July 2016

More long weekend pics

(Cohen and Jon at the Memorial Ceremony on Canada Day) 

(At the beach) 

(Checking out more Terra Nova stuff)

Here in Newfoundland, July 1st is not just Canada Day. We also remember the hundreds of NL soldiers who died on the battlefield in France 100 years ago. This was the first year that we went to the ceremony, and I was really surprised to hear the details, like how lots of the almost 700 soldiers who died were really only kids, and most of them had next to no experience. Also, the fact that Newfoundland was it's own country back then, not a part of Canada. I usually find listening to war history honestly pretty difficult. But at the ceremony we attended, they instead did dramatic readings of the actual letters that a few of the soldiers who died had sent home days before the battle. Amazing. Also, it was hot, maybe 25 degrees here, and three cadets on parade fainted during the hour-long ceremony. 

After the ceremony, we went to the Canada Day festivities, which included a magician (Cohen was interested for maybe 2 minutes), bouncy castle (Cohen=not interested), and temporary tattoos (loved it). We also did a little beach time at the lake, and of course, the partly successful camping trip. Such a good weekend. We are getting down to our last few weeks in NL, which is CRAZY. I currently have my replacement at work shadowing me, and I just registered Cohen for preschool in Oromocto for the fall. It's all happening.

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