Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Weekend in St. John's

I had a course for work in town on the weekend, so we decided to spend a few nights and really enjoy St. John's. We arrived on Friday around supper time, and went straight to the bookstore to stock up on books, then supper at Eastside's. We love that place because they have a decent gluten-free menu. 

(gluten-free pizza- so happy) 

We stayed at Signal Hill Gate Hotel, which we love for the kitchen and separate bedroom, and also the sweet location close to downtown. We tend to get a few groceries at the nearby corner store/grocery store so we can do snacks and breakfast at the hotel. Cohen's favorite part: the elevator. Second favorite part: the television. 

While I was at my course all day Saturday, Jon and Cohen went out for breakfast, went swimming, and went to the playground. I was so happy to meet back up with them Saturday afternoon. We fed Cohen beans and rice for supper (he loves it!), then had sushi after he went to bed.

(huge bathtub) 

On Sunday morning we did Cora's for breakfast, then went to Bannerman park to play with the million other kids whose parents had the same idea. Then we went to the Geo Centre, which was just as awesome as the first time we went. A quick trip to the mall to really try to tire Cohen out, then we were back on the road to head home.

(Geo Centre fun)

Cohen has recently grown out of his travel crib, but he is still kind of little to have his own double bed in hotels. This time we took the mattress off the sleeper sofa and laid it at the foot of our bed. We made a cozy little bed for Cohen there, and he happily slept there for the two nights. 

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