Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Winter 2.0 and some recent Cohen pics

It is a full-blown blizzard out there right now. We are expecting 35 cm, which seems crazy in late April, but really it's the norm around here. We had a few days above zero last week, which was awesome. I am so ready for Spring, though! I am still holding a bit of a grudge that we never actually got a summer last year (close to freezing temperatures for the entire month of July (also June)), and I'm kinda scared it's going to happen again. 

(Homemade gluten-free playdough (I have made this recipe twice, and find it really easy). He plays quietly for 1 hour plus. Awesome.)

(Squeezing in a few bike rides when it's not too cold.) 

(Revisiting playgrounds we haven't been to since fall.) 

(Snacks on a bench.) 

(More playground time.) 

(Grocery shopping as a way to tire Cohen out. I made him pull the cart. He wanted to) 

(Making forts. Takes me back. I remember then requesting a snack to eat in the fort)

In other news, at 2.75 years old, Cohen is over naps. He went from sleeping a few hours each afternoon, to nothing. I missed the nap for one minute, but now I kinda love that we don't have to plan around a nap, and I spend the whole day with him on my day off. 

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