Sunday, 9 November 2014

This weekend

So I kinda messed up yesterday. We drove the two plus hours to the airport to drop J's mom off, only to miss the flight by two minutes. I had read the itinerary wrong, which was so tough for me to accept, since I have been our travel planner/flight booker/check-in person for forever. They didn't have another flight until Wednesday, so we get to have J's mom here for a few extra days, which is awesome. If only we lived a little closer to the airport. J and his mom were so good about it. They were like, oh, well, it happens, no worries. Meanwhile I was feeling so so terrible, and like I'm never going to trust myself with flight information again.

Anyways, I sometimes feel like I am interviewing J's mom, because I want more and more details about her childhood in Trinidad. Did you have a fridge? No. Did you have a tv? No. No phone, either. What did you have for breakfast usually? Scrambled eggs from the chickens in the backyard. Did you share a room? Of course, since there were a dozen kids. We even google earthed her childhood address, which was really cool.

 (Cohen took his Grandma to the park)

(C and G) 

(Dude was at this for at least 10 minutes)

(right after he broke my new sunglasses)

(loving his first booster juice)

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