Friday, 14 November 2014

Back to work after baby (1 year later)

Cohen is almost 16 months old, which means I have been back to work for a year now. I started at 2 days a week and went up to three days a week when he was a year old. I can't explain enough how going back to work at 3.5 months was the right thing for me. I really think that for me, working part time helped me get back to my normal self faster. 

(one year ago, just testing out the high chair) 

(working and nursing)

Thoughts on working and being a mom (and at 6 months):

- I found that pretty much as soon as Cohen turned one, people no longer acted surprised that I was back to work. Before, people would be like, why are you working with a little baby at home? Is that hard? Now people are more likely to ask me when I am going to start working full-time. I guess that just shows you that around here, the norm is a one year maternity leave. 

- For the past few months, Jon stays home an extra day so I can work three days, and we still only need a sitter two days a week. It's awesome. I love getting home and hearing about what my husband and my son did together that day. I mean, there is nothing better than that for me. Plus, usually supper is ready and the laundry is done. 

- As is inevitable, my work wants me to start working more. They are so not pushy about it, but it's no secret that an extra day or so a week would be ideal for them. I am not ready. I feel so lucky that Jon and I are able to support our family on a 30-ish hour work week each instead of the typical 40. I cherish my days off with the dude so much, no amount of extra money I could make would be worth it. 

- Ever since I finished breastfeeding, work days are better. Mostly because of the pumping. But also because when I was nursing, basically every time I ever saw Cohen on work days (like at lunch, after work, or if the sitter brought him in for a quick visit), he would be like, gimme some milk! Like, when he saw me, he just saw a huge milk jug. I couldn't get my shirt up fast enough for him. I love how now, when Cohen sees me come in the door after work, he instead runs over and brings me a toy he has been playing with, or comes in for a huge hug.

- I have probably mentioned this a bunch of times, but being a working parent is all about the sitter. We love ours so much, and I completely trust her with Cohen. He is always so happy to see her. I also love that she is an experienced momma, so sometimes I'll ask her advice about things with Cohen. 

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