Monday, 14 July 2014

Hotel review: Courtyard Marriott, St. John's

We stayed at the Courtyard Marriott in St. John's on Saturday. We like to go into town every few weeks or so, just to go to coffee shops and walk around downtown and buy books, etc.

(very uncomfortable furniture)

Price: $315 (taxes included) per night for the "junior suite", but I think you can get a normal room for around $200 per night. 
Bathroom: Nothing special. The products are Paul Mitchell, which is decent. The bathroom was old and beige, but clean. 
Breakfast: No, but there were sometimes cookies when we passed through the lobby, which is a Marriott thing for sure. 
Wifi: Free for the super basic package, but $4.99 if you wanted to watch videos or anything. We didn't end up needing anything more than the free basic wifi. 
TV: Good TV. There was one in the bedroom and the little living area in our room, which was nice. 
Pool: Nope. 
Location: Excellent. The best thing about this hotel, for sure. We could push the stroller right from our room, to all the good downtown shopping. The Sheraton, our usual favorite, is close to this hotel, but still not quite as good for location. 
Parking: Free, and right across the street. Easy. 


- OK, I am all about room service now that we have the little dude. I used to think of room service as super fancy, but I don't even find it that much more expensive that going out for supper. Anyway, this hotel was under extreme renovations on the weekend, and room service was not available! There was no mention of this on the website or on the reminder emails they sent me. Not cool. That is actually a make or break thing for J and I these days. 

- And, due to renovations, no gym. Also, not cool. J always looks forward to checking out the hotel gym after the dude goes to sleep, and I sometimes do too. I'm sure it will all be awesome after renovations are done. 

- And the room was teeny tiny. For the money, so not worth it. And the suites are all on the main floor right off the lobby, so it really feels pretty shabby and weird, and not like you are staying in a hotel at all. I would say that the stay was probably worth more like $185. Though they did give me $50 off when I complained about the lack of room service and gym. 

- Bottom line: I don't think we will be back. The location is the best, but the location of Murray Premises is exactly as good, and that hotel is way, way cooler

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  1. Photo #3 Caption. No room service, I am out of here!!


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