Sunday, 20 July 2014

First birthday/First trip to the ER

(en route to the hospital. 10 minutes after Benadryl) 

(hanging out at the ER) 

(his hospital bracelet) 

(on the way home)

Our sweet little guy ended up at the hospital on his birthday! I had made a salad dressing with tahini in it, which we had been avoiding for Cohen ever since he turned bright red after eating some hummus. I wasn't even thinking, and have so much mom guilt about that salad dressing! So he was playing with the food on my plate after supper (including this salad with the tahini salad dressing), and suddenly turned bright red, and his lips started to swell. It was scary! We immediately gave him Benadryl, but his lips seemed to only be getting more swollen, and he started acting like his tongue was too big for his mouth. 

We jumped in the car and drove the five minutes or so to the emergency room. Once we got there, they admitted Cohen immediately, took his vitals, and had him with the doctor within five minutes. I can't say enough how good the care was at our local emergency room. They gave him a dose of steroids, and told us to keep giving him Benadryl for 48 hours in case there was a rebound reaction. 

That night we took turns going in to check on him every few hours. The next day was pretty rough. I am not sure if it was due to the meds or what, but Cohen was super tired, but wouldn't sleep. He was so irritable and crying off and on all day. Today, he was much better, and almost completely back to his regular self. 

Although the whole situation was really stressful, I am so grateful that it happened while we were at home, close to a hospital. And I am glad that we know that he is definitely allergic to sesame seeds. I have my fingers crossed that he won't be allergic to peanuts. And he was such a little trooper. He was so great the whole time we were at the hospital (which was maybe 20 minutes total). Jon and I are feeling pretty lucky over here. 

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