Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Baby's first dental cleaning!

The other day our sitter brought Cohen in to work for a quick hello, and one of our hygienists had a cancellation, so I decided it was time for Cohen's first cleaning. Even though I know that the first dental visit should happen by the first birthday, it is just something that I think a lot of parents let slide, then suddenly another year has passed. Anyway, I sat Cohen on my lap in the hygienist's chair, and she did a quick cleaning with Cohen's head resting on her knees. I was expecting tears, but he didn't cry a bit. He seemed to like the taste of the paste, and seemed a little confused about what was going on. It took about a minute to clean his six teeth. After, the hygienist gave him a new tiny toothbrush, which our sitter said he held tightly to for the rest of the afternoon as if it was a special prize.

I am so glad Cohen got his first taste of going to the dentist. In our province, the government pays for a dental exam every six months until the child is 12 years old, which I will definitely take advantage of. I didn't have time to even think about taking a picture, so I just wanted to document it so I will remember. Love that little guy and his little teeth.


  1. He looks so much like you Jess!

  2. People have different opinions with regard to a kid's first dental visit. But for me, parents can take their kids to a dentist as soon as their teeth have settled in. Anyway, I’m glad that Cohen had a great first experience. I hope he will continue to be that cooperative with the dentist until he grows up. This will definitely save you from worrying about the succeeding visits. Cheers!

    Leigh Hamilton @ Arbor Ridge Family Dental

  3. I had an almost similar experience. My dentist was recently closed for a week, so we had to see another local dentist when we had an emergency. I absolutely loved the new place and now I am thinking of replacing my previous dentist. I’m sure my kids will love this new place. The dentist seems experienced, too.

  4. It is nice how everything fell into place. How the sitter came by and there was a cancellation, what a great chance for Cohen's first appointment. I am glad to hear that everything went well -- no tears! And it is so adorable how he held that toothbrush all the way home like a surprise. How cute!

    Tyler Williford @ Marzo Smile


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