Monday, 5 November 2012

on the weekend

(posing in a stand-in car) 

(nice view at the bowl-athon) 

(sweet bowling kicks) 

(super easy cheese tray) 

(library loot)

this weekend i was most looking forward to the photo op for the car i won. i was sorta convinced that i was going to get the car. but my car (i chose blue) is a few months away from arriving here. still, it was fun (and awkward) to get my pic taken with the stand in red car. at one point the photog asked me to stick my head out the sunroof. i attempted it, but i think that may only be possible in limos. did i mention the whole situation was awkward? i will write more about the whole "winning a car" experience once i actually have the car. 

the bowl-athon was very quick as we were eliminated in the first round. very fun though. we also went to an "electrifying" hypnosis show, which was actually really funny. j went up on stage, but was quickly sent back to his seat since he wasn't "going as deep" as some of the other volunteers. good weekend in gander

1 comment:

  1. Jess! that whole sticking your head out of the car roof made me laugh. I can just picture how akward you were finding it all!! hahaha. xo Laura


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