Wednesday, 7 November 2012

life in a small town: tip #3

shop around for your groceries.

we have a few grocery stores, and also a store sorta like bulk barn, but tinier. if i want all the things i love to bake/cook with (like quinoa, chia seeds, coconut milk, spelt flour, rice noodles, eggplant, bok choy, sushi mats, etc), i pretty much need to go to all three of these stores. our "big" grocery store is pretty good, except that the produce section gets cleaned out super quick, so sometimes there are no bananas, sprouts, snap peas, avocado. and for some reason, the tinier grocery store is the one with the sushi-making stuff, which you will find on top of the freezer with the chicken nuggets in it. i have been on a total hunt for irish moss to make raw vegan desserts, and finally found it this weekend beside the candles at the tiny grocery store. weird.

basically, i have to be super meticulous with my grocery shopping if i want all the things we like to use in the kitchen. but really, i find everything i need eventually. and i get such a thrill when i finally find that one thing i needed to make that recipe.

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