Wednesday, 17 October 2012

renting vs. buying

we rent. we are renters. if you google renting vs. buying, you will get a bunch of articles about the economy and how much interest you pay when you buy, plus closing costs, etc. j and i rent mainly because we don't want a mortgage right now. but i see other advantages to renting. i love that we can move anytime. the most we might lose is a month of rent. no biggie. and i love that when a lightbulb burns out, we call the handyman, and it's fixed in a few hours. same for the shower head.

there are frustrating things about renting, though. sometimes i think a new deck would be so nice. or a nice garden. but there's no use in us investing money into a rental. lately, j and i have been putting up a bit of art, and settling into our home a little more. renting or not, i think it's important to make our house feel like home.

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