Monday, 22 October 2012

on the weekend (parents visit!)

(here for an hour, and already doing dishes :) 

(perfect start to a day) 

(on a broken down dock) 

(lobster catching paraphernalia) 

(touton dough dessert at anchor inn

(bowling skills)

we had a sweet weekend with my parents. they are only our second house guests in the year and a half or so that we have lived here. we loved showing them around, and doing the things we love to do with them. 

a few things to do with house guests in Gander (and surrounding area):

-bingo at the Elk's Lodge in Gander
-bowling at Peyton's Pins in Gander
-beers and snacks at Wingin' It in Gander
-Little Harbour hike near Twillingate (around 4 km)
-cod and chips at Anchor Inn in Twillingate
-visit the Silent Witness Memorial in Gander
-dessert at Mystic dining room in Gander

We did all of the above on the weekend, and much more. Such a good weekend. Please visit again, parents!


  1. Jess and Jon, we had a superb visit, but I am surprised that you neglected to tell your blog readers that your parents won the Sunday afternoon bowling challenge by a sizeable margin.

    Love you guys D

  2. ha! so true. i hope you enjoyed your victory beer, despite the fact that Corona is not offered here.

  3. <3 <3 <3 Love the pics, Jess (and fam)!!! And: dishes in the first hour?? Im sure thats happened to me too! -our mommas must be related. lol


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