Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Lower Little Harbour's natural arch hike

J and I love going for little hikes. This particular hike in Lower Little Harbour just outside Twillingate is sweet because it is actually pretty short. I think it is around 4 km round trip, which is perfect for many fitness levels. At the end of the hike is this natural arch made by the force of the water against the rocks.  It is actually really cool. You also see an old root cellar, a few old cottages, and a beautiful beach. I would highly recommend this hike to anyone checking out the Twillingate area.


  1. Hi Jess - was the hike 1/8th of a km or 4 km!!

    Also I thought there was only you and Jon, and your mom and me on the hike - who is taking the photos!

    1. hehe...the hike was long enough, especially with mom in heels

  2. I love this pic!!! Laura


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