Wednesday, 7 March 2012

snow day

(carrot muffins)

(my singer) 

(pickling green beans)

monday we had a snow day. the roads were so bad, we actually had to turn around and come home. i think our entire town closed down. i made carrot muffins for j's upcoming birthday. they are pretty healthy, with the icing made up of mostly cashews. i am not sure how i feel about cashew cream. maybe i really need a vitamix to know for sure. 

i also pulled my sewing machine out from the basement. dusting it off was as far as i got. and i am into pickling these days. it is really easy, and all you need are some jars, vinegar, sugar, spices (pepper, dill, whatever). i loosely used this recipe for carrots and green beans. they are really good. and i'm pretty sure pickled stuff is really good for you. but don't quote me on that. 

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