Tuesday, 13 March 2012

our weekend: sam roberts and reunions

 (extra large beers in the hotel lounge)

 (playing pool at the ship pub)

(between sets at Sam Roberts) 

(view from our round hotel room window) 

(signal hill at sunset)

j and i had an amazing weekend in the city. we ate tons of good food, saw some friends, bought a few things. notes:
-sheraton hotel is sweet. it has a hot tub, pool, gym, sauna. and it has a cool lounge to have a drink in, which i think is important. and you can walk to all downtown things from there. and free parking. 
-we discovered my new fav clothing store. i prefer secondhand always.
-we ran into friends on george street who we haven't seen since graduation. it was like no time had passed, which is the best feeling. 
-we finally got to visit this lunch-only organic restaurant, hungry heart cafe. lived up to the hype. 

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