Monday, 5 March 2012

on the weekend

(very much into homemade granola these days) 

(cookies made using this recipe in a muffin tin) 

 (at the local pool hall)


we had a quiet weekend here in gander. we worked, we went to a sweet barbeque with some friends, we played pool. we booked flights to visit family at easter. i am excited for this week because we are going to see sam roberts play in st. john's for j's birthday celebration.

other things from the weekend:
-i am totally going gray. i sorta like it with my "natural" blonde hair color, but i am still surprised when i look in the mirror and see gray patches.
-the bowling alley in gander is opened for only 3 hours per day. seems odd to me.
-honeymoon planning has us debating costa rica vs hawaii. both look awesome

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