Wednesday, 18 January 2012

small town winter blues

this town is missing a few things we love: bookstore, coffee shop (i don't count TH), movie theatre, bookstore, sushi, thai food, korean food, a downtown area, used clothing store, smoothies, magazine store, art gallery, farmer's market, yoga studio, record store, and the list goes on. sometimes it gets me a little down when i want to do some of the things i used to do, but can't, because this town does not offer them. i think it is more noticeable in winter.

(we miss living across from a coffee shop)

but, this place does have perks. like, we spend more time at home cooking, baking, writing, reading. and there are good places to skate, ski, snowshoe when there is good snow. and we definitely go to the gym more. so there's that. i might be more of a city girl? not sure.

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