Monday, 2 January 2012

bunny hill

so we decided that today was the day that i would try snowboarding. i put on my uggs, strapped myself to j's board, and did 10 runs alongside tiny kids sliding with their gt racers at the local sliding hill. i was nervous, scared, semi-embarrassed. but it was awesome. feels amazing to fly* down the hill.

*it felt like flying to me, but i was probably going insanely slow. i think some of the tiny kids were going faster than me


  1. Number 9 on "the list" - one down several to go. Love D

  2. lol, don't feel bad Jess...I don't like going very fast either. I haven't skied in quite some time, but even when I did I really didn't like anything except the green beginner's trails! I liked control not speed!


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