Friday, 27 January 2012

favs: tv shows

if you want a show to watch all weekend, i can help.

sons of anarchy: our latest obsession. the lead character is mildly attractive, and the mom from "married...with children" is in it. nuff said

breaking bad: definitely like watching an amazing action movie. and the dad from "malcolm in the middle" is in it. he looks so different as a meth cook with cancer

californication: hank moody is so badass. very addictive

louie: i just really love all louie CK's standup, and his show has the same humour. really good.

30 rock: no secret this one is hilarious. and now that i have read bossypants, i am even more into the show


  1. Oh no! The photos don't appear to be showing up...

    1. omg, i have no idea how to do anything technological!


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