Monday, 17 June 2019

Some super random thoughts

(always going for those grainy family selfies)

- We have been biking so much more than I ever imagined we would. Cohen bikes every single day, even if it's just for half an hour around our court with the neighbour boys. As a family we bike at least twice a week. I never dreamed I would be comfortable biking with the two boys without Jon, but here we are. On the biweekly Monday I am home with the boys, we are definitely biking around the town on the sidewalks and trails after school. I love it so much. Sometimes I feel like a lot of activities we do with the boys are just for them, and we only enjoy them because the boys are having fun (like visiting the playground). But biking is something I loved doing before kids. So it's just so cool we get to enjoy it together now. 

- Jon and I have been trying to learn French for forever. We both took it in a really spotty way in school. I even chose it as an elective in high school, and did so bad. A few years back we bought audio books with workbooks and stuff, and went through it faithfully every weekend for probably 6 months. And now Cohen is doing French immersion grade one in the fall, so we are newly interested. Our new thing: we listen to French radio in the car all the time. I heard "tomber la chemise", which I think means "put your shirt away." And I have been listening to French podcasts.

- Related to the whole French thing, I just read "Educated" by Tara Westover. OMG so good. One thing she said in the book was that she learned how to read with the Bible. And she completely didn't understand it but she read it anyways. And she said it takes a lot of patience to read something you don't understand, and that's a skill that came in handy for her so much over the course of her life. And so I'm trying to read and listen to French, even though I don't understand it, and it would be sooo much easier to just listen to English podcasts. 

- I have tickets to see my absolute fav author and reader, David Sedaris. I am so incredibly excited. What I love about his stories (other than they are so funny) is that he writes the exact thing I have been feeling forever but I didn't even know it. It's this sense of recognition that makes me feel so seen and connected. It's a lot of feelings just for a few sentences. 

- Jon and I just watched the Raine Maida and Chantal Kreviazuk documentary on Netflix. Wow. I was super reluctant to watch it because it sounded boring to me. But I was glued to the screen the whole time. And I cried basically the whole time. I LOVE hearing/seeing couples getting therapy. And the whole thing is about the time their therapist told them to get away together, so they go to this little French island off Newfoundland and write beautiful music and fight and make up. Just so good. Also watching really talented musical people do their thing is pretty much breathtaking. Also Jon and I visited the same island pre-kids. 

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