Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Will is 8 months old!

Will turned 8 months old the other day. He is such a happy little dude. Some things about him lately:

- He got two sweet little teeth last week after months of crazy drooling and chewing on his hands and my hands and every single thing he could. Cohen got his two first teeth around this time too. 

- I am still breastfeeding and also pumping for work. I'm still hoping to make it to his first birthday. He takes a bottle easier these days when I am working, which is nice. 

- He eats everything. We never buy him baby food anymore, and I never make him purees. He just eats whatever we are eating. Tonight we had fish and rice and broccoli and he had all of that. Our family physician told us to feed him everything, and it felt so freeing and way easier than dealing with baby food. 

- He is the fastest crawler! He pulls himself up on everything, so I am constantly catching him trying to eat soil from our big plants, pull garbage out of the garbage can, and dip his sweet little fingers into the toilet water. In that way, he is such a handful! We tried to use the same high chair set up we used for Cohen at this age, but Will kept climbing right out of it and onto the kitchen table. Such a strong little guy. 

- We start the bedtime routine around here at around 6:30. Will is usually in bed in his crib by 7 pm, and sleeps until 6 am or so. He sometimes sleeps through the night, and sometimes he wakes up a couple times for a quick drink. I am hoping to phase out those night feeds really soon. I feel like I am getting enough sleep these days, which is great. 

- Will is allergic to peanuts, so we feed him peanut dust mixed with applesauce every single day. They increase the dosage every two weeks, and we are slowly building up to him being able to eat an entire peanut. At this point, I find the whole allergy thing pretty routine. I don't even pull the epipen out of the cabinet when we feed him the peanut dust anymore. Between Jon, myself, and my mom, we take him to the allergist every two weeks for a few hours. 

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