Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Taking care of Lucy

Now that we live four minutes from my parents, we are able to babysit the family dog, Lucy, while they are away. We love it! A few weeks ago they went away for four nights, and we had Lou. Cohen loves it so much, and is in charge of feeding her and giving her treats. 

(Chilling with Lou on the couch) 

 (About to take Lou out. Cohen was surprisingly good about taking Lou out with me every few hours)

(He basically did not leave her alone at all the entire time she was here.) 

(Walking Lou around the block)

We had Lucy here while the guys were working on the kitchen. While they were here, Cohen insisted that Lucy stay on a leash even while inside, and Cohen never let go of the leash. I was worried she would escape while the guys were in and out getting stuff from their truck. So while Cohen was sitting at the table having a snack, he was holding Lou's leash, and she just sat obediently at his feet. One of the guys commented that Cohen sure loved his dog. I was like, actually, it's not our dog, we are just dog-sitting. The plumber dude was shocked. He was like, you need to get that kid a dog! We will, for sure. Maybe just not for a while. 

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