Saturday, 12 November 2016

Pics from lately...

We are baking all the time these days, and I totally think it's because we have more kitchen. And our kitchen renos start on Monday. I am so pumped to have a dishwasher with a third rack (oh wow, what is happening when you are excited about a new dishwasher?) and cabinets that are not covered in bubbles.

This little angel is doing so good. He has started writing his name (well, he can only do the O and the H right now, but I am still impressed), and is OBSESSED with puzzles. He does maybe 5 puzzles a day. He is into the 50 pieces ones these days.

These two cousins make me so happy. They could not be more different. We went on a worm hunt after a rainfall, and one cousin could not collect enough worms with her bare hands. Cohen would not even consider touching them.

They love doing activities at my parent's house.

They had a halloween party at Cohen's preschool that I was able to go to. So cool to see Cohen doing his thing at school. The kids were supposed to make a jackolantern out of the stuff on the plate. Cohen made just a huge pile. The teacher said she liked his individuality. I really think preschool is helping him be a little more outgoing. He will now talk to people when we are out and about. Or maybe it's just that he is getting older.

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