Tuesday, 4 October 2016

The kitchen plan

When we bought this house, we looked at it twice in an hour with our realtor for about 5 minutes each time. We LOVED it. Still do. But it wasn't until we moved in that we noticed that the surfaces of the cabinets were peeling off and bubbling. You can actually see it in these pictures, but we thought it was just shadows. 

The first thing we did when we bought the house is have the second extra white fridge removed and also the cabinets that surrounded it because we knew for sure we did not want two fridges. The second thing we did was replace the two-level countertop on the island for a giant chunk of granite. Oh, and we painted. That's how it is right now, and it is totally fine, but those bubbly cabinets are driving me nuts.

So we looked into replacing all the doors on the cabinets, but then we kinda figured we should just go all out and change everything we are not into at the same time. So we are officially doing it, and I am so excited. We told the contractor that we don't like a ton of decisions, so when it came time to choose finishes and stuff, he gave a few choices in some cases, and no choices in others. Love it. 

What we are doing:
- new lighting including island light, centre light, and two new sconces above open shelving that will be on the sink wall.
- new quartz countertops that will be totally different than our granite but look cool
- new stainless steel dishwasher.
- goodbye to the appliance garage on the corner cabinet
- hello to new open shelving, new cabinet doors, and new drawer pulls, new sink and fancy faucet.
- new subway tile backsplash

More updates to come...

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