Sunday, 16 October 2016

Recent pics in our new town

We've been settling into our new routines in our new town. Even though I did high school here, it might as well be a brand new town to me. I guess it's the difference between being a teenager in a small town that feels tiny and being a mom in a town that feels like the perfect size. 

 (We went to our first movie at the theater. Finding Dory. We didn't love it.)

(We have been to the frozen yogurt place a bunch of times. I love that we can get Cohen a tiny amount, and I love the marshmallow fluff for me. ) 

 (We are obsessed with the super smooth bike lanes. You can basically get around the whole town from our house on these and never have to actually go on the road. We have been biking every other day at least.)

(At the field trip to the apple orchard with his class. He got to choose and pick five apples.) 

(This is the green space behind our house. This town is seriously covered in green spaces that are maintained by the town. Lots of sweet places to throw a frisbee or have a picnic. We also love getting to be my parent's new dog sitters) 

(Doing a bit of work to get our new license plates on.) 

(Loving all the pumpkin patches around here.)

(Family date right after work.)

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