Sunday, 14 August 2016


We have been in our new house for a handful of nights now, and things finally feel like they are getting to a new normal. We are pretty exhausted. Moving is no joke. We spent the first week on the mainland doing our usual vacation week in Cavendish with Jon's family. And then we have spent the last week doing stuff you have to do when you move provinces as a working adult. The past week has been filled with: hours at the DMV, getting licensed to be dentists in this province, meeting new coworkers, registering and meeting the teacher at Cohen's new preschool, buying home necessities like toilet brushes, cleaner, condiments. The first day we got here we made a huge list of everything that we had to do to start working, and yesterday we checked the last thing off. 

(I spent an evening in a hotel bathroom while Cohen slept*)

I am starting work on Tuesday, so I plan to enjoy my last day of "vacation" tomorrow. I'm definitely going to be blogging about our last week in NL, our overnight boat ride, our trip to Cavendish, our new house, and our new town. What I can say so far is that we love it. We are so happy with where we are. This town is perfect for us. 

* On this night, we were staying in Moncton after a long ferry crossing and long drive. Jon ended up having to meet the movers at our new house, so I was on my own in the hotel with no clean clothes, food, etc. I put Cohen to bed on the floor beside the bed, then hung out in the bathroom. Luckily my parents and sister came to the rescue with clothes, sushi, chips, and of course beer. I'm so lucky. 

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