Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Things to do in Clarenville: Clarenville coffee house

(he enjoyed himself. i swear)

 (drool face)

We attended the monthly Clarenville coffee house last week. It is the last Thursday of every month. It's held in the basement of a church, but I think the event is totally unconnected to the church. I didn't hear a single bit of gospel. I think the location has more to do with the lack of actual coffee houses in Clarenville.

Anyway, it was cool listening to the musicians. One girl sang a song with her yukele. Another sang christmas songs at the piano. It seemed like most of the acts were novice, which was really nice. You could tell it took some guts for a lot of them to get up onstage. I would guess that it was the first time performing for a crowd for a few of them.

We will definitely be attending this event on the regular. I am even going to try to get J to go up and sing a song.


  1. Is his serious look, his happy look?

  2. Clarenville has a coffee house? Who knew, you are so good at finding things to do! I will have to check this out one day

  3. Hi Jon, I seen your pic of you skating at Clarenville with the sliding seat where Cohen's skates were not touching the ice. I thought that was cute. I see you blog right up to 2016, didn't see a place to message you other then here. Check out www.balanceblades.com for Cohen. They are beginner ice skates designed to prevent rear falls. Cheers Colin


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