Wednesday, 5 September 2012

why our wedding day was NOT the best day of my life

seems like everyone always says that their wedding day is the best day of their life. it's always up there with graduations, the birth of your children, the day you bought your first house. but our wedding day wasn't like that for me...

when j and i started talking about getting married, we debated all the options: a traditional wedding in his hometown, a beach wedding down south, a backyard wedding at my parent's house, a wedding at a cabin in the woods where all the guests would stay for the weekend. the truth is that eloping at our city hall sounded the best to us. but we knew that both our families would want to be present at our wedding. and we wanted to make it as easy as possible for our guests (only family and very close friends) to come to our celebration. so we planned a wedding that was a perfect compromise. it was outdoors, it was in a city that was easy to travel to, the guests and wedding party were all able to stay in the same hotel for the weekend. it was all good.

but really, i could not be more uncomfortable being the centre of the attention of over 50 people at once. so by design, our wedding was never going to be an event i would feel relaxed and happy at. i was so relieved when the dancing started at the end of the night. finally everyone was not looking and talking about me (and j). there were other great moments during the weekend, like connecting with friends i hadn't seen in a while, and having a morning-after breakfast in the hotel restaurant.

and the moment when i slid a ring onto j's finger was amazing. i barely noticed everyone else at that moment. but the best day of my life is the day j asked me to marry him.

maybe other people feel the same way as me about their weddings? ps, we got our pictures back! they are so cool.  i'll do a few posts with the pics.


  1. Could be, Jessica, that you have your head on straight. Too much is made of the wedding and, too often, too little is made of the marriage. You two seem to have your priorities in the right order and are focused on the relationship and not the externals...what a terrible pressure that it should have to be the "best day" - what's important is that it be the best relationship you can have - now, your wedding day, and every day...congratulations to you both.

  2. What a sweet little blog entry. I agree, Jess. Although I'm not married I can say my best days with my partner are those milestones that happened all on their own. Our first kiss, first I love you's and the moments that I knew I found someone who was SO FUNNY and made me laugh! :) I hope to have my head on straight for our some day wedding day, and make it about celebrating the steps that get us there!

  3. thank you for comments!! i debated posting this one, but it's the truth. what's weird is i love being a guest at weddings, just not the bride. sarah, your wedding will be awesome, and i have a feeling you will be super chill bride


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