Tuesday, 4 September 2012

on the weekend: gros morne mountain and more

(enjoying some wine during supper)

(the entrance to the gros morne mountain hike)

(a very scenic hike)

(we encountered this sign after hiking over an hour)


(sweet little Rocky Harbour)

what an awesome weekend. we finally hiked gros morne mountain with a few friends. this was probably the most intense hike i have ever done (and i did machu picchu in peru). there was a solid hour or so of climbing on all fours up a landslide of rocks. the hike was 16 K, and took us over 5 hours. we could barely move at the end of it. strangely, there is something really awesome about making your body super exhausted. the wine and hot dogs we had afterwards were pretty sweet. during the hike, we kept saying we would never do it again. but now that a day or two has passed, i think i would. 

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