Wednesday, 16 November 2011

why i go to the gym

i got my first pair of sneakers just 4 years ago because a friend wanted to hike machu picchu in peru. and because i had started dating j, who is basically the most athletic person i have ever met. so yeah, i am not a gym person.

and then about a year ago, i became super stressed. i had a lot going on, and my mind was constantly going. i couldn't relax. so i eventually got advice from someone with many years of psychology education, who happened to be in the same profession as me.

his advice? lift weights. i was so surprised after other people telling me to meditate or visualize my problems in a little box with a lock on it. lifting weights was something i could definitely do. it was so practical. and it worked. he told me to go to the gym and use all the machines and lift weights until each muscle group was really tired. i think the theory is tired body = tired mind = relaxed mind. and now i go to the gym all the time, not because i love working out. because i like feeling relaxed afterwards.

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