Friday, 4 November 2011

food processor love

soo, i am in love with my food processor. i think i use it every day. i used it to make the sauce for this veggie lasagna, in a skillet as usual as we have next to no bakeware. j said it was the best lasagna he ever had

then i used it to make this chocolate banana tofu pie with pecan crust. the girls and i had the amazing wooden monkey tofu pie on the weekend, and i was craving more. i based it on this recipe. 

banana chocolate tofu pie:

crust: 1 cup pecans + 1 cup dates, in food processor, pressed into dish
filling: 1 package silken tofu + 1 banana + 1 dark chocolate bar + 1 tablespoon cocoa, all in food processor, poured on top. then in the fridge


1 comment:

  1. pie and pasta look yummy...could you bake/cook something in the skillet to take to st johns next u


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