Monday, 3 October 2011

things to do on Fogo Island

we visited Fogo island on the weekend, and loved it. it is definitely the off season, so there are a lot of businesses closed, but we still found lots to do:

1. take the ferry: you actually have to take the ferry to get to Fogo, so this is a given, but is was pretty fun. i recommend bringing snacks and games. it takes around an hour. it was around $25.

2. go see a film: this is a pretty new thing in Fogo. it was free and they served popcorn. they show a lot of documentaries. we watched one about what Fogo was like in the sixties. i really enjoyed it

3. check out the beach: there is this really beautiful sandy white beach called Sandy Cove. it was cold, but we still enjoyed the beauty of it. and we could see an iceberg, which was a plus.

4. visit the town of Tilting: it is this tiny town of mostly Irish decent. there are awesome trails you can walk on among the many sheep.

5. check out the artist's residences: this is really new to Fogo too. there are a few really cool residences for artists to create in. they look so incredible against the landscape of Fogo. we checked out a few, and i think there are more.

6. bike around: there are lots of bike friendly trails, and the main roads are paved. there was not much traffic this time of year.

7. Nicole's Cafe: this was such a great restaurant. we went there for 3 meals in 24 hours. the servers were so friendly. the food was pretty fancy, but reasonably priced. my favourite was the pork tenderloin with fancy potatoes, and the marinated turbot fish. i think our bill was around $75 for supper with desserts and an appetizer.

other things: it was raining for a lot of our visit, so we missed out on a few things we had planned to do, like hiking brimstone head, and picking partridgeberries. 

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