Saturday, 2 February 2019

Some pics from the second half of our holiday

We headed home from the island on Christmas Day this year. It is so normal for us to be travelling on Christmas Day. Jon and I have always done it. Some people have asked us if we are going to start spending Christmas at our own house someday. Maybe? But not until that feels right for us. We really do love being with relatives at the holidays. 

(On New Years day we had a little drop-in party)

(Dominoes and Chinese food on NYE)

(Lots of sliding time in our backyard)

(Will loves his uncle’s computer)

(My sister and I)

(The kids did so much crafting and baking)

(These sweet cousins)

For gifting, the adults exchange names at thanksgiving, so we only buy for one person. We have been doing that for years, and I love being able to focus on just one person. 

The highlight of Christmas this year was my sister announcing she is pregnant with her third! I feel so incredibly excited. I love being an auntie sooo much. And this is the first time my sister has been pregnant when I live nearby, so I will be able to see the baby so much. 

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