Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Will is 6 months old!!

These last 6 months have moved pretty quickly. Will is the best. My hormones are for sure still all over the place, which is probably what is making me feel soooo HAPPY most days. Actually joyful. 

(elevator pic) 

(first time at the pool) 

(eating/messing with avocado) 

(twins, basically) 

(playing with Cohen's toys)

So the big thing with Will right now is he is crawling! For about a month he has been traveling across the room with this bunny hop army crawl type thing, but a few days ago he finally figured out how to legit crawl. Cohen wasn't doing that until he was at least 8 months, so I'm kind of surprised. I'm thinking the main reason he is crawling so early is to get to Cohen's toys. He has zero interest in his baby toys, and all the love for Cohen's little paw patrol characters. Other things about Will:

- We started trying out solid food around 5 months old, as recommended by our family physician. Will is pretty into banana, and also loves sweet potato puree. Less interested in avocados, meat, berries. We have so far been doing the spoon feeding thing mostly, but we are slowly heading in the direction of Will feeding himself little bits of whatever meal we are having. I completely forgot what a huge mess baby eating is. 

- Sleep. Uggggg. We did a version of gentle sleep training around 5 months, and it worked so well for maybe two weeks. Then a bunch of things happened: Will got a cold, we travelled to PEI for a long weekend, and Will learned to crawl. We have not had a decent night for a few weeks now. The exhaustion can be so hard!!! Last night the only way Will would sleep is with his little head resting on my open palm, and his hand on my face. It's so sweet I can't even believe it. I know that one of these nights he will sleep well. Hopefully soon

- I am up to working 15-20 hours a week. I work a maximum of five hours at a time, so I am not pumping at work anymore and Will hasn't had to visit me in the parking lot for a drink for a few weeks now. Will and Cohen both love their days at my parent's house while Jon and I work. My parents are the single most important tool I have as a working mom. Jon and I rely on them for so much, and not just childcare. Some stuff they have done for us lately: make us meals (sometimes we go there for supper, and other times mom sends me home with takeout), get us groceries (mom works at a grocery store, so she often calls me if she sees something I might want), carpentry/decor work (they both have done so much to improve our 30 year old clinic). I don't know how people do this parenting thing without a lot of help!

- Will is so quick to smile all the time at everyone. He is such a happy guy. He is cooing all the time and laughs super hard at his brother. Jon and I are so happy with our two little guys. 

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