Sunday, 2 April 2017

Our trip to Hamilton

One of the last things we did in January is visit my grandmother and aunt in Hamilton. We got insane seat sales (less than $100 round trip per person, whoa), and decided to go for a few nights with my parents. 

(a Danish Christmas tree (I think)) 

I had recently discovered that I was pregnant, but Jon and I were keeping it our little secret. It turns out that was nearly impossible to do, as my mother was totally accepting the first five times I refused a glass of wine. But on about the sixth time, I was like, MOM!! Can you imagine why I might not be drinking right now? She was like, no, I have no clue. Sometimes Jon and I do a few months where we don't drink at all, just because, so I think she figured we were doing that, except this time Jon was having a beer at dinner. So this is the trip where I told my parents I was pregnant. They were shocked. And thrilled. We had fun going over all the little lies I had told them in the last few weeks since I had discovered I was pregnant and gone to the doctor, had bloodwork, etc, all secretly.

(in flight) 

(I found lots of old pics of my dad) 

(This is what they drink at breakfast. no joke)

The trip was really relaxing, and involved lots of hanging around in our pyjamas until noon, eating Danish pastries like crazy, and playing dominoes. The pastry scene was intense, and I was still not feeling sick. I ate so many pastries. No regrets. Cohen had the best time. He slept on a little bed that my grandfather had made under a duvet my grandmother sewed together. In the daytime he turned their little den into a "doctor's office" where he took patients (mostly my mom), and went through an entire box of bandaids. We find that travelling with 3.5 year old Cohen is basically easy. He is down for bribing with snacks and loves watching shows on iPads. This takes his flight count up to 51, though I don't think he remembers the first 45. 

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