Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Pictures of Cohen

("shopping" at the Christmas store) 

(he insisted on this photo op) 

(hanging at the local library) 

(oh you know, just eating coconut oil straight up with rubber boots on) 

(he has mastered the spiral slide) 

(carving pumpkins) 

(reading a story to Mickey Mouse)


- We got snow today. Like, a blanket of snow that stuck around all morning. Winter is here in Newfoundland for sure. I am in the market for a super warm winter jacket (that has no feathers due to Cohen's allergy). 
- Cohen is thrilled to be going trick or treating this weekend. Though he thinks that he will be getting apples since that's what the kids get in the books we have been reading. I am thinking apples are not a thing for trick or treating anymore. 
- Cohen's sweet little cheeks have been flared up for the past month or so. I am thinking it's the cold weather. Or allergies. Or the indoor heating. I actually have no idea. We are going for more allergy testing on Friday. 
- Christmas is only two months away. So excited. No shame. 
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