Friday, 30 August 2013

on road trips and hotels with 5 week olds

we just got back from a road trip to twillingate, about four hours away. we stayed at the anchor inn for three nights. 

(relaxing on the bed in the hotel room) 


(our sleeping arrangement)

while jon was at work, Cohen and I watched bad tv at the hotel, went for walks, and read books. when jon got off work every night we would get coffee or visit friends, then go for supper at the hotel. though we were both working (i consider breast-feeding and taking care of baby to be work!), being in beautiful twillingate made it feel like a vacation.

the biggest thing we tried to plan ahead was the sleeping arrangements for baby.  the first time we stayed in a hotel with Cohen, we tried co-sleeping in the giant king bed. that worked really well, but this time we only had a queen bed. the hotel had a travel crib that had barely been used that they offered for us to borrow. when we set up the travel crib we realized that the floor of the crib was almost on the ground. it seemed really inconvenient for me to be picking him up during feedings in the middle of the night. so, we pushed the armchair up to my side of the bed, put our sheet from home on the cushion, and let baby sleep there. whenever Cohen wanted to hang out with me in the middle of the night, i just reached over for him. though i think when we take our work trip next month, he might be too long for the armchair bed.

i actually think Cohen was less fussy than usual during our trip. maybe it's because he was constantly being held by friends we were visiting with or driving in the car. seems like babies really love driving. and being held. when we are home, i try to at least get a few things done around the house, so Cohen spends a little time in his bassinet or bouncy chair throughout the day. in twillingate, Cohen pretty much had my full attention.

this trip, we tried to pack pretty heavy for baby. we brought 20 outfits, 5 blankets, 50 diapers, tons of wipes, etc. and shockingly, we used almost all of it. though looking back, we probably could have left the huge stroller at home, because Cohen is really happy in the ergo.

one thing is for sure. traveling will never be the same for jon and i. and we are so happy with that. 

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