Tuesday, 28 February 2012

marble mountain

(view from the top of the bunny hill day one-it was snowing super hard)

(apres ski beers + games)

(heading west)

(view from the "easy" hill)

(happy on day three)

so j and i had an amazing time at marble. i spent day one on the bunny hill, day two with an instructor and trying to carve on the bigger hills. day three i mostly spent laying on the hill wishing i wasn't so sore. i fell at least 50 times this weekend. no exaggeration. i would recommend to others trying to learn snowboarding that by day three, maybe you just wanna have a few beer in the chalet, because you are going to be so sore, it will not be fun. 

other things from the weekend: 
sorrentos restaurant in corner brook- cheesy pasta and pizza. decent if you are in the mood
chez west restaurant in corner brook- semi-expensive steak, salmon, chicken. nothing special. i was not a big fan
river's end efficiency units- like a tiny apartment. it was cool for us, but everyone else on the hill was talking about their chalets with hot tubs. but this place was less than 5 minutes from the hill, which was cool
chair lifts- not as scary as i thought. though the marble ones look like antiques. so rickety. 
board rentals- i recommend testing out both bindings right away. not cool to realize they don't work after you have taken the chairlift up. 

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